Ford takes anti-carbon-tax crusade to Saskatchewan, Alberta

Ford takes anti-carbon-tax crusade to Saskatchewan, Alberta

Premier Doug Ford is taking his anti-carbon-tax crusade out West, meeting with like-minded provincial leaders in Saskatchewan and Alberta this week.

“I’m heading to Saskatchewan to meet with @PremierScottMoe and business leaders to discuss how we can make Canada more competitive,” Ford said via Twitter on Wednesday.

“This summer, Ontario joined Saskatchewan’s legal challenge of the federal carbon tax to ensure no family or business are burdened by this unfair tax.”

He was to leave for Saskatoon on Thursday morning.

Shortly after taking office, Ford put an end to Ontario’s cap-and-trade system, and at an annual premiers’ gathering in July he announced his government would join Moe’s court case challenging the federal government’s right to impose a carbon tax on provinces.

In August, his Progressive Conservative government launched its own constitutional challenge against Ottawa.

Later this week, Ford will be in Calgary to meet with Jason Kenney, leader of the United Conservative Party, and attend an anti-carbon-tax rally.

Ford will speak at the party’s “Scrap the Carbon Tax” event Friday with Kennedy, whose party is the official opposition.

In a statement, Ford said Moe and Kenney “share our commitment to protect Canadian families from this unfair and punishing tax.”

“The carbon tax is the absolute worst tax for Canadian families, Canadian businesses and the Canadian economy. It does nothing for the environment but instead takes money out of the pockets of hard-working people in order to fuel out-of-control government spending,” Ford said.

“I look forward to building a strong and united front with like-minded leaders who share our commitment to protecting our economy, protecting jobs and protecting the people from this costly and regressive tax.”

Kristin Rushowy is a Toronto-based reporter covering Ontario politics. Follow her on Twitter: @krushowy

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