Five Calgary tarot card readers look into the Stampeders’ future before the Grey Cup

Five Calgary tarot card readers look into the Stampeders’ future before the Grey Cup

As the Calgary Stampeders ride into their third straight Grey Cup this Sunday, a heavy sense of déjà vu faces Calgary fans after two straight years of championship losses.

Calgary has finished the CFL regular season with the best record in the West Division each year since 2013, and they’ve represented the west in the Grey Cup in three out of the last six years. But the Stamps only came away with a victory in one of those games, back in 2014. The last two years, they’ve made it to the CFL’s biggest stage but fallen short both times.

When they walk into Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium for Sunday night’s championship against the Ottawa Redblacks, the Stamps still enter as the favourites to win.

Betting odds give Calgary an edge, they finished with two more wins than the Redblacks this season and they defeated Ottawa twice already this year. But to get a sense about whether the Stampeders’ bad luck in the Grey Cup will continue, we turned to five tarot card readers across Calgary to tell us what the Stampeders’ future holds.

Of the tarot card readers we consulted, two tried to sense what the Stampeders are feeling and what they’ll need to do to win, one predicted a Calgary victory and two more foresaw the Redblacks continuing Calgary’s Grey Cup drought.

Predicting an Ottawa Redblacks victory

This is a time of hope and expectation for the Calgary side entering Sunday’s game, according to Starlein Fox, a psychic intuitive of nearly 30 years. Fox drew the Page of Wands card when looking to Sunday’s game, indicating an enthusiastic crowd, but showing that may hurt Calgary’s concentration.

She added the King of Wands card drawn for Ottawa shows them to be natural leaders.

“They’re going to be taking risks and using their powers, and they’re going to be very confident and optimistic,” Fox said. “They also drew the King of Swords which is bringing some serious game. They’re going to make a difference.”

When it came time to draw outcome cards, the Four of Wands for Ottawa indicated celebration, while the 10 of Wands for Calgary means a heavy load of emotions and consequences looming for the Stamps should they lose their third straight final.

“Calgary is coming through as a page, which is not as skilled as a king. Kings take it,” Fox said.

A tarot card reader of 32 years herself, Deanna Epp echoed Fox’s prediction, because of the game’s location in Edmonton.

“I kind of have a sense that Ottawa will win by a little bit. I have a sense that the ones that do the most travelling are going to see the biggest results,” Epp said.

Epp predicted a tiny window of victory, with a nail-biting ending and a very costly late mistake. Epp also worried that someone could walk away with an injury. She sensed an older player getting hurt in a way that won’t be life-threatening but would force retirement on this athlete.

Reading the Calgary Stampeders’ future

Frank Keller from the Art of Tarot in Calgary was quick to point out that the cards he draws are never wrong, but merely misread sometimes.

In this case, he had a hard time believing what he saw.

“The Stamps are almost taken for granted. I think they’re going to win it,” Keller said. “I know it’s hard to believe. I don’t believe it.”

Keller said the cards he drew showed him basic deception and broken agreements, indicators the Stampeders may seem inferior. But that look is just a smokescreen which may make Ottawa overconfident, Keller said.

Another Art of Tarot card reader, Erin Winters, noted how Calgary as a whole could use the win. She worried this could lead to too much pressure riding on the Stamps’ shoulders.

“I just don’t feel like our city’s had a ton of wins in the last little while, sports or not,” Winters said.

“People are riding a lot on this game. The problem is when we put too much in our basket, we don’t play well because we’re too focused on winning, not on playing.”

She sensed the Stampeders are worried about outcomes too much when things we don’t know are none of our business. After all, if the Stampeders already knew they’d win, the victory wouldn’t be as sweet.

Instead Winters hopes the Stampeders remember to count the small victories, be grateful they made it this far, and be open to change and starting again next year if they lose.

In her own tarot reading, JoAnn Stoneberg sensed Ottawa to be a more composed squad. She worried Calgary may be feeling more friction, possibly from roster changes since the last Grey Cup.

“I can tell you the Stampeders are a little chaotic, a little all over the place. I don’t know whether they’re having issues within themselves,” Stoneberg said.

Stoneberg predicted it’ll take a while for Calgary to gain momentum against a more consistent Redblacks squad. She worried Calgary is so focused on winning the Cup and slaying past demons, they’ll forget about the game at hand.

The advantage will go to whichever team can stay more focused, Stoneberg said. While she refrained from making a definitive prediction, she foresaw a winning strategy for Calgary.

“The Stampeders are going to get really close again. As long as they keep their heads about them and don’t get excited before the game’s over, then they can make it happen for themselves,” Stoneberg said.

The Stampeders lost 27-24 to the Toronto Argonauts in the 2017 Grey Cup in Ottawa. A year earlier, the Redblacks beat the Stampeders 39-33 in overtime in the Grey Cup in Toronto. Both times, the Stampeders had the better regular-season record.

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