Man allegedly crashes car into Porsche dealership after breakup with girlfriend

Man allegedly crashes car into Porsche dealership after breakup with girlfriend

A 20-year-old man is facing charges after he allegedly drove his car through the front window of a Porsche dealership and then scrawled graffiti on several vehicles — all because of a breakup, police say.

It was around 11 p.m. Monday night when police at 51 Division received the call about a collision in the area of Parliament St. and Front St.

But before the phone rang, police already knew something had happened — their division headquarters is across the street from the Porsche dealership in question.

“Someone called it in, but I think our front desk people who were here, they actually heard it as well,” said Staff Sgt. Dan Hoffmeyer.

When police arrived on scene moments after the cacophony of smashing glass and metal had ended, they found that a new vehicle had joined the Porsches on display.

The front of the car had gone through the window and struck several Porsches. As for the accused driver, he was unhurt and still on scene — scrawling graffiti on the cars around him.

“It seems to be motivated by his recent relationship breakup,” Hoffmeyer said. “After he drove in, he exited his vehicle and did some graffiti on some Porsches he didn’t hit. Some of the graffiti he put on cars was in relation to that. ‘I’ll show you’ — I don’t know what he intended to show this person.”

The damage, “if you take everything at the high end,” could amount to almost $100,000, Hoffmeyer said, including up to $75,000 in damage to the cars, and up to $20,000 in damage to the store itself.

Rakhmatullo Sotvoldiyev, of Toronto, 20, is scheduled to appear at Old City Hall court at 10 a.m. Tuesday, facing charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle two counts of mischief causing damage over $5,000, and one count of mischief causing damage under $5,000.

Hoffmeyer said the vehicle was a used car that had been recently purchased, but was not from that dealership. It had Newfoundland plates, but Toronto police spokesperson Jenifferjit Sidhu said it was registered to a local address. The suspect is facing charges relating to improper registration of that vehicle as well.

Despite the man’s dramatic actions, Hoffmeyer believes hitting the Porsche dealership was not the man’s end goal.

“It’s literally around the corner from our station. Two hundred feet, maybe,” he said. “I believe his whole motivation was to spend some time with the police. I think he wanted to make a statement, and he wanted to spend time here with us. So he chose to do that.”

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Alexandra Jones is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Star’s radio room in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @AlexandraMaeJ

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