Doug Ford threatens to call police on NDP

Doug Ford threatens to call police on NDP

Premier Doug Ford is threatening to call the Ontario Provincial Police to probe the fundraising practices of the opposition New Democrats.

With NDP pouncing on ousted Progressive Conservative MPP Randy Hillier’s allegations about how the Tory government conducts business, Ford lashed out Wednesday.

“I can’t wait to the call the OPP on the illegal fundraising that the NDP are doing,” said the premier, referring to an event Saturday featuring NDP Leader Andrea Horwath where tickets range in price from $100 to $800.

Last month, Ford’s party held a $1,250-a-plate fundraiser from which the media were banned after the Star revealed lobbyists had been enlisted to sell tickets. On Wednesday, he accused the NDP of selling access to Horwath.

“I have no problem calling the OPP to investigate how the fundraising is going with the NDP. That’s what I’m concerned about. You can’t be going around saying: ‘Here’s $800 to have access to the leader of the NDP,’” the premier said.

She emphasized her party has done nothing wrong and mocked the premier for his threat to call in the OPP on the NDP when they have already contacted the police about Hillier’s allegations.

The OPP confirmed it received a complaint from the New Democrats about the allegations made by Hillier against the Tories.

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