Super fans lead the pack of Raptor-revellers at Jurassic Park for Game 4

Super fans lead the pack of Raptor-revellers at Jurassic Park for Game 4

Serge Ibaka loves to cook and Curry is on the menu tonight, said Daniel Zhang, holding aloft his sign featuring the hashtag “#myfuzzychef.”

With the Raptors playing at their historic best, the Jurassic Park fans have worked to up their creative sign-game to a level worthy of the NBA Finals.

Zhang, who is from Markham, has been to Jurassic Park 10 times this season.

“You’d expect to be the same, but every time you come it gets more and more electrifying,” he said.

His wish for the night is Kawhi Leonard-ian in its simplicity: “I want the Raptors to score more points than the Golden State Warriors.”

Nolan Ridge was on the GO Train on the way back to Ajax on the night the Raptors won the first game of the finals. When a Metrolinx employee made the announcement the passengers went wild, cheering and running up and down the train.

Ridge had his Etch-a-sketch in his bag — as one does — and twiddled off a quick sketch of the original Raptors logo. It’s now emblazoned on the shirt he is wearing at Jurassic Park for Game 4.

Ridge is a long-time Raptors fan, lured, initially, by the perfect trifecta of hometown pride, dinosaurs and Vince Carter.

He came to Jurassic Park for the first time this year for Game 2.

“We lost, but it was so much fun. I’ve been to Leafs games here and it’s like, eh, you are here for a few hours and there are a few moments of excitement … but the basketball here, it’s such a nice vibe.”

Rather than make signs, five Toronto teens decided to paint red jerseys onto themselves, with the numbers of the Raptors’ starting five. The 15 and 16-year-olds who are from school have been Raptors fans their whole lives …“from the womb,” declares Ethan Gasee (Kyle Lowry). Jojo Rosenzweig (Marc Gasol) says he got a Raptors blanket when he was one day old and has been a fan ever since.

“This is our game,” they said. Eventually they hope to expand to cover the whole team — and maybe by Game 5, they will.

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