Hall of Fame list is out and Bosh should be on the list of 2020 inductees

Hall of Fame list is out and Bosh should be on the list of 2020 inductees

A few little items with some thoughts to get us through to the end – sort of – of another week.

And how come no one pointed out that CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEDNESDAY! Thankfully, I presume the malls and stores won’t be too busy tomorrow or Monday/Tuesday when I need to get some shopping done.

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame announced its list of potential candidates for 2020 induction yesterday and it’s long and full of interesting names.

Now, the Hall itself makes the induction process way too convoluted with direct entry and all kinds of different categories and a months-long process that’s shrouded in far too much secrecy for my taste but that’s a story for another day.

Today, it’s about who’s up for induction and once you get past the Automatic Three – Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant – there’s one candidate who is going to evoke much discussion, I imagine.

Chris Bosh.

You know that I’m a Hall of Fame hard-ass for the most part, across all sports. I think it’s often too easy to get in, there’s a recency bias that runs too deep through any selection process and I do think it’s an absolute honour that’s given out too easily too often.

That said, though, we are where we are in the process and I’m tilting at windmills with my opinion and maybe it’s not right any way so …

Bosh gets in.

Normally, I would suggest that maybe he’s not a First Ballot Hall of Famer because that’s an honour that should be reserved for the absolute giants but it’s a changing world, maybe my mind is changing a little bit and if you think Bosh should be in – and I do – and there’s no limit on the number of inductees, why not put him in right now?

We watched a lot Bosh around these parts, watched him grow from a skinny kid getting pushed around on the block into one of the efficient pick-and-pop shooters from the elbow that this franchise ever saw.

And then we watched from afar when he changed his game even more in Miami, became the prototypical stretch four and, yes, sublimated a lot of his game to fit in with LeBron and Wade and win multiple titles.

(Hell, the offensive rebound he kicked out to Ray Allen for the shot that won Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals should probably get Bosh in the Hall on its own)

We can discuss the other candidate some other time – I honestly don’t see another NBAer outside of Garnett, Duncan, Bryant and Bosh in this group; I would Tamika Catchings and Swin Cash should be unanimous inductees and I haven’t looked closely enough at the veterans or European groups yet.

But Bosh was the guy many were talking about last night and I have to be all in on him getting inducted next year.

Well, that sure was a nice day to just do Nothing But Net and loaf on the Raptors on what was the newsiest day of the year.

Of course, they weren’t around so we didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone.

That will come later tonight when Nick addresses the masses just before 6 p.m. so my early story isn’t going to be done too early.

But if I mentioned yesterday that the injuries to Gasol and Powell were going to put some pressure on Chris Boucher and Terence Davis II, adding Pascal Siakam to that list just ratchets up the pressure and responsibility on others.

Not sure precisely who that will be and I don’t want to speak for Nick but I imagine you can add Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to that list.

It’s going to be an odd time around these fellas for a few weeks, I’d say. Keeping their head above water will be the top priority and being ready for February, March and April remains the only goal.

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Yeah, you’ve got to do better on the mail and since I guess I’ll have a few hours this afternoon to work on it, sending your questions to askdoug@thestar.ca today would be a good thing.

We’ll be here with the usual Three Pointers things sometime tomorrow morning and the mail on Sunday so do your part.

I recall the day a few years ago – we were on the road somewhere when the news broke – that the Blue Jays had signed Justin Smoak to a multi-year deal and, if memory serves, there was a big hue and cry about the lunacy of the move.

All these years later, with him now joining the Milwaukee Brewers on a one-year deal, it turns out to be one of the best moves management has made in the recent past, doesn’t it?

Goes to show, I suppose, that fast takes and quick reactions aren’t always the wisest thigns.

You know I’m quite in on the CEBL as a Canadian basketball entity/business and I k know there were blips and issues in Year 1 that need to be addressed this summer.

The fluctuation on rosters was a thing, the predictable front office and coaching shakeouts were entirely predictable but I am sure they’ll get it right, any bumps will be smoothed over and it’ll work. Leadership stability, good solid ownership and a truly Canadian look at the game is going to make it work.

And the last three hirings league-wide underscore why I think this is an important Canadian sports endeavour and one worth your attention.

Yesterday, Hamilton named Jermaine Anderson as its GM and Rock’s ties to Canada basketball are long and deep. A very, very smart addition, especially in Southern Ontario.

Earlier in the week, the Ottawa expansion team added Dave Smart as the GM in one of the most “duh!” moments of all time and earlier this month the Fraser Valley got Kyle Julius repatriated as the coach and general manager.

Those are three outstanding hires and the more Canadian this league becomes the better I like it.

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