Kensington Manor demolition to get underway in late April – Calgary

Kensington Manor demolition to get underway in late April - Calgary

The Kensington Manor apartment complex in Calgary’s Kensington neighbourhood is finally coming down, more than two years after it was urgently evacuated.

People in the building were told to leave by emergency officials on the evening of Nov. 23, 2017, after an inspection revealed it was at risk of “possible imminent collapse.”

What followed was years of uncertainty, with the city eventually taking over responsibility for the ailing building and deciding it would be torn down.

City of Calgary takes over fate of Kensington Manor

There were several delays in the process, with officials first expecting to have the structure down by December 2018.

Several steps have been taken in the time since, and the city informed those in the neighbourhood last week that demolition would start either April 23 or 24.

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The removal of hazardous materials, which got underway in December, is complete, the city said in a letter to residents obtained by Global News. The equipment for that job is being moved out and demolition equipment will be moved in. Workers will also be disconnecting electricity, water and gas to the building.

Should the City of Calgary demolish Kensington Manor?

Should the City of Calgary demolish Kensington Manor?

A temporary sidewalk closure will be set up as of April 15, the city said, which will allow crews to install sidewalk protection and floating platforms. The city didn’t say how long the sidewalk would be closed.

Asbestos removal at Calgary’s Kensington Manor set to begin in December ahead of demolition

The building will come down in a “top-down” demolition, meaning workers will take it apart one floor at a time, starting at the top and working their way down.

Once the demolition is complete, the site will be back-filled and graded, which the city expects will all be done by August.

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