Boil water advisories for multiple communities in southern Manitoba – Winnipeg

Manitoba Health has issued boil water advisories for a number of communities that use the Red River Regional Water Treatment Plant.

The areas included are the entire Rural Municipality of Rhineland, the town of Altona, the town of Emerson, Roseau River First Nation, parts of the Rural Municipality of Montcalm (St. Joseph and the town of Letellier), as well as the Halbstadt Marais Water Coop and the Altona Rural Water Coop.

Why some First Nations still don’t have clean drinking water — despite Trudeau’s promise

Communities that are not part of the boil water advisory are Winkler, Morden, Schanzenfeld, Boundary Trails Health Centre, Border Valley Water Coop, St. Jean Baptiste, Dominion City and Arnaud.

Manitoba Health says a distribution pump failure on Saturday has led to the loss of water pressure in a portion of the Red River Regional distribution system.

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Manitoba Health says the problem can compromise the safety of the water supply, which is why a boil water advisory has been issued.

Trudeau says his government has lifted 72 boil water advisories on First Nations reserves

Trudeau says his government has lifted 72 boil water advisories on First Nations reserves

Until further notice, people in the impacted communities should bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before drinking it, making ice, preparing drinks and food, or brushing teeth.

Manitoba Health says you don’t have to boil water before doing laundry, taking a shower or washing dishes.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the province’s regional drinking water officer at 204-795-6908.

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