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Summer is officially here.

While the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic may make this a season a little different, some of those true summer classics — like ice cream — can still be fully embraced.

In a recent segment for Global News’ The Morning Show, DIY expert Jacqueline Kendall showed hosts how to make your own ice cream at home without an ice cream maker.

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“Not only is it delicious, but homemade ice cream is super easy to make,” she said. “All you need is three ingredients.”

Kendall starts with two cups of heavy whipping cream and adds it to a mixing bowl.

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Next, she uses a mixer until the cream is thick.

“Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and one canned and one third of sweetened condensed milk,” she said.

Mix all the ingredients together.

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Once you have a liquid, freeze it for 48 hours.

“If you want to get fancy, you can (add) diced-up fruit.”

Kendall says you can add everything from mint to chocolate or even bourbon.

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She even comes up with creative ways to spruce up a plain cup or cone.

While cooking in the summer tends to focus on barbecues, you can also try some of these summer recipes that don’t really require an oven.

Itching to know even more ways to use homemade ice cream? Watch the full video above. 

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Coronavirus: How to plan a summer vacation close to home

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