Molière et Copernic learning support centre sees an influx of children who need tutoring – Montreal

Molière et Copernic learning support centre sees an influx of children who need tutoring - Montreal

The pandemic-ravaged school year has meant more parents are reaching out for help with your child’s learning success.

For example, Christian Dorion doubled the hours of tutoring his son gets.

“During the pandemic, they did it on Zoom so it was really one-on-one,” Dorion said. “He was alone in his room doing the work so there were no distractions a lot more concentration than in a classroom.”

His son Lorik says he’s benefitting from the one-on-one learning methods.

“My spelling has been way better. Also my reading I have improved, and writing. … If I haven’t come here, I wouldn’t be this good in school. I might not be in Grade 5,” Lorik says.

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Molière et Copernic is a learning support centre started in 2014 by a teacher who wanted to better help students with difficulties.

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The centre’s mission is to develop a sense of competence and self-confidence, in the pleasure of learning for students. They’re working closely with schools to help children get the support they need right away.

“If we wait six months, seven months, eight months, he’s not going to be smiling anymore, he’s not going to like school anymore and that’s going to be hard,” Mélanie Dutemple, the centre’s owner and founder.

The uncertainty the coronavirus pandemic brings to this year’s back-to-school season is creating an increased demand for tutors. Molière et Copernic says the influx of students is so great that they might not have enough teachers to meet the demand. They’re calling for student teachers who are finishing their degrees to come help.

“I believe that all the student are competent to do what they have to do, but they don’t have the feeling that they can do it,” Dutemple said.

“My job is to tell (them) that they can do it. That’s my little door I open. … If that teaching methods works, then now we are going to work this way. I always remind the children and staff we are going to do things that works for the students to achieve their goals.”

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Tutor Jessica Pepper decided to work during these unprecedented to times to help students get their confidence up after being out of school for a few months.

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“It’s really key for students now for them to adapt in schools with everything that is going on is really difficult for students who are not used to this type of uncertainty,” Pepper said.

Molière et Copernic is expanding their service to offer more one on one training as well as support for the children in. The goal is to have services to meet the demand and give every child the help they need.

“It’s one of those situations where as many resources you have available that’s where people are going to be going and we want to be there to receive all this overflow of students,” Pepper said.

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