Marketplace Enrollment Increased Slightly for Kansas in Early 2021 (June 2021) – Kansas Health Institute


During the 2021 plan year open enrollment period (OEP) that ended December 15, 2020, 88,627 Kansans selected or were automatically re-enrolled in a health insurance plan through the federally facilitated marketplace. That represents an increase of 2,790 (3.3 percent) Kansans compared to the previous year. Total enrollment in 2021 is expected to increase because of a special enrollment period (SEP) for the COVID-19 pandemic, which runs from February 15 through August 15, 2021, and additional financial assistance available through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. 

This brief and infographic provide summary data from the 2021 OEP on enrollment, enrollee characteristics, plan selection, financial assistance, premiums and stand-alone dental insurance in Kansas. The accompanying maps show 2021 marketplace enrollment in Kansas by county and ZIP code.

Key Points from the brief include:

  • Six insurers offered 100 plans on the Kansas marketplace for the 2021 plan year. All counties in Kansas had at least two insurers offering coverage.
  • A majority (85.8 percent) of Kansas enrollees selecting a plan during the 2021 plan year open enrollment received Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) to reduce the cost of their monthly premium payments.
  • The average monthly premium for Kansans selecting a plan during the 2021 plan year open enrollment and receiving APTC rose to $116 per member per month compared to $76 in 2019 and $101 in 2020. The average monthly premium for Kansas enrollees without APTC was $567, which was lower than the 2019 and 2020 amounts ($596 and $579, respectively).
  • Generally, enrollees in Kansas saw average monthly premiums that were 10 to 25 percent higher than the average monthly premium for enrollees across all 36 states (including Kansas) operating on the federally facilitated marketplace.

The Kansas Health Institute supports effective policymaking through nonpartisan research, education and engagement. KHI believes evidence-based information, objective analysis and civil dialogue enable policy leaders to be champions for a healthier Kansas. Established in 1995 with a multiyear grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, KHI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization based in Topeka.

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